Eastern Stainless Steel & Welding

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    Eastern stainless steel and welding is established in 1986. Our company specializes in metal work and fabrication services, stainless steel work and glass installations.
    We are experts in creating custom made main gates, doors, windows, staircase railing, balcony railing, partitions, fences, shower screens, awning, pergolas, industrial rooftop installations, gutter and down pipe, and other unique products tailored to clients’ specifications.
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    Our Services

    Main Gates
    Sliding Gate, Folding Gate, Swing Gate
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    Main Doors, Kitchen Door, Bedroom Door
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    Windows Grilles, Windows Frame
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    Staircase railing
    Stainless Steel Railing, Glass Railing, Customize Railing, Metal Railing
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    Balcony Railing
    Stainles Steel Balcony Railing, Glass Balcony Railing
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    Steel Partitions, Stainless Steel Partitions
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    Stainless Fences, Metal Fences
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    Shower Screens
    Frameless Shower Screen, Framed Shower Screen
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    Awning/ Pergolas
    Stainless Steel Awning, Metal Awning, Glass Awning
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    Rooftop Installations, Gutter, Down Pipe
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